Stone collection and foundation works in progress

Members of the women group have started collecting stones and digging foundation for the community wool processing centre. The group has hired an excavator and a drum truck to ferry stones from the quarry to the construction site.  Forestry permit for timber is under process and members will start collecting timber as soon as it is ready.  Talks are underway to get electricity connection from the national grid. IMG_4930


Ground breaking ceremony

A09AD165-5738-4E44-801E-6562DABB4BC6Dasho Dungpa, Sakteng Dungkhag, Tashigang Dzongkhag  graced the grounding breaking ceremony for the construction of micro-wool processing centre at Merak on 29th September 2028. Dasho congratulated the women’s group for the successful application for CSO Grant Facility fund support for wool processing. Dasho reminded the members to work collectively for the success of the project. He said their success and good example can spur herders of Sakteng to emulate And bring socioeconomic benefits and women empowerment. Dasho informed the members to contact him or  his office for any assistance henceforth.

Today Dasho Dungpa witnessed and opened the actual start of the wool processing construction works. 7D67F3C7-5D9E-485A-B478-5DD1C1AD373F

Training on project fund management (12-16 March, 2018, Thimphu)

training_csoThe group Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary participated in the 5-day training program on project fund management organized by CSO Grant Facility, Helvetas Bhutan. Grantees were introduced to project fund disbursement, record keeping and expenditure reporting procedures.  The training provided an interactive platform for members of the semi-nomadic yak herder women’s group to interact with other grantees and project management officials, share experiences, potential challenges and issues during project implementation.

The Journey Begins

Welcome onboard beautiful folks out there! Please join the semi-nomadic yak herder women group of Merak, eastern Bhutan on its journey of discovery and tryst with a modern technology. The group is establishing a community-based mechanized micro-wool processing centre to enhance efficiency of wool processing and ensure continuity of ancient culture and tradition of weaving their unique dress.  It is a first in Bhutan and the expected benefits have greatly enthused the women group members.

The group has secured a project funding of BTN 2,210,000 (EURO 29466.57) from European Union financed Civil Society Organization Grant Facility, Helvetas Bhutan. The project duration is for two years (2018 and 2019).